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Meet The Staff

Ballard Kayak wouldn't have as many five-star reviews as we do if it wasn't for our rockstar staff. Here are the people behind the PFDs and sunglasses, ensuring that your experience is more than simply satisfactory. Stay tuned for our 2021 guides and rental staff!


                     Blaine: Owner

Growing up nowhere near open water, Blaine eventually started moving closer and closer until he abruptly found himself in what he would call a big city. Before moving to Seattle in 2015, he accepted a management position at Ballard Kayak and Paddleboard, shortly before John and Becca (the previous owners) decided to sail around the world. Blaine then purchased the business and is now stuck in paradise for the foreseeable future.  You can almost always find him lingering around somewhere nearby, brandishing Ballard Kayak's strict dress code of outdoor casual.

                     Jay: Manager

A true Jill of all trades, Jay is a Pacific Northwest native who will always call this area home despite the random six years she spent in New Jersey and her seemingly insatiable travel bug itch. Although this is her sixth summer with Ballard Kayak, she had only been on a kayak three times before getting the job (which just goes to show, it's not always about experience). Whether she's on the phone, answering emails, breaking out spontaneously into song and dance, or on the water with you, there's a reason she keeps returning to Ballard Kayak every year.

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