Guided Kayaking Adventures


Tour Schedule for 2021 is now LIVE!

All tours leave from Shilshole Bay Marina, W-Dock (just South of Golden Gardens)

Ballard Locks Tour


3.5 hours


The Ballard Locks is the second most visited tourist attraction in Seattle. Instead of going TO IT, go THROUGH IT! Our guides will paddle you through Ballard's scenic Shilshole Bay, where you will likely see multiple seals, sea lions, osprey and great blue herons.


You will then enter the historic Hiram M. Chittenden (Ballard) Locks*. As the 30 ton gates of the "water elevator" shut behind you, you can look up to see that all of the tourists watching with envy as you gently rise to Lake Union's water level. Then off through the ship canal, home to Seattle's largest mega yachts and some of the infamous Deadliest Catch boats. We end this trip by heading back through the Locks to Shilshole Bay Marina to lazily sit on the beach and watch the day pass (optional).


*Please note we do not have control over the locks schedule, and cannot guarantee we get through them. Either way, we will enjoy the wildlife and the company! 

  • Meet at our docks in Shilshole Marina 20 minutes prior to tour departure
  • Family Friendly
  • Beginner paddlers welcome

2-hour Sound Tour


2 hours


The Puget Sound was created when the area's glaciers began their retreat about 14,000 years ago, leaving behind intricate patterns of islands, inlets, lakes and shorelines. Today, the Puget Sound is home to thousands of creatures, from orcas and sea lions to sea anemones and sand dollars. Enjoy the rich ecosystem of the Puget Sound on this two hour kayaking tour. This is a great chance to see seals, sea lions, great blue herons and more. The route of the tour will vary based on recent sightings of local wildlife, wind and currents. Whether you want to drift among the bull kelp or paddle hard along the shore, this tour is for you. 

  • Meet at our docks in Shilshole Marina 20 minutes prior to tour departure
  • Family friendly
  • Beginner paddlers welcome

Sunset on the Sound

$ 42

1.5 Hours


A casual paddle through the Puget Sound as the sun drifts off behind the jagged peaks of the Olympic Mountains. This evening tour makes a perfect date night, or just a quiet getaway from the bustle of the shore. Our guide will lead you into the peaceful waters of the Puget Sound to enjoy the perfect serenity of sunset as seen from the water. This is a great time of day to see fish jumping, seals playing, and sea lions lounging. ​

  • Meet at our docks in Shilshole Marina 20 minutes prior to tour departure
  • Beginner paddlers welcome

Discovery Point Kayak Tour


3.5 Hours (lunch included with updated COVID-19 precautions)


From Shilshole Bay Marina to Discovery Park, you'll follow an ancient water route used by the Puget Sound's earliest inhabitants. Once we've crossed the bay, you can hop out of your kayak and explore Discovery Bluff, one of Seattle's most magnificent vantages of the Olympic Mountains and beautiful Mt. Rainier. Back down at the massive driftwood-strewn beach, we will enjoy a lunch. Then we'll be off, back to Shilshole Bay Marina to part ways until our next adventure.​

  • Meet at our docks in Shilshole Marina 20 minutes prior to tour departure
  • Family friendly
  • Beginner paddlers welcome
  • Lunch provided in individually packaged brown paper bags, handled only with gloves and masks on

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What to bring: 

  • Warm clothes, preferably non-cotton, it is always colder on the water (fleece, capilene, nylon, wool are all good options)

  • Water-appropriate shoes (sandals that strap to your feet or water shoes are ideal)

  • A water-proof, wind-proof layer (a rain jacket)

  • A water bottle

  • Sunglasses and a sun hat

  • If you want to bring electronics, best to carry them in a water-tight container 

What we provide: 

  • All equipment necessary including tandem kayaks, paddles, and PFDs

  • A knowledgeable, skilled guide

  • Snacks or meals, as indicated for each tour

  • Storage for small belongings you want to leave behind

  • All tours are conducted in tandem kayaks for ease of use, efficiency and stability.


*Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled tour to allow time for the waiver, PFD fitting and safety demonstration.


*Please allow time for parking and using the restroom prior to the start time of your tour. 

*Please note that if your booking is for an odd number of people, the odd person will be paired up with a guide or new friend in a tandem kayak.

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